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Hot galvanizing and polishing treatment for steel grid plate

Author :Aoqing Machinery     Data : 2015-06-02     Views :

Steel grid plate material, such as stainless steel, resin, carbon steel and other, and we have to prevent the steel grid plate early ageing corrosion requires some processing on the surface, different steel grid plate material handling will also vary.
Hot dip galvanizing is an effective way for metal corrosion, mainly for metal structure facilities. The specific method is the rust of steel parts are immersed into around 500 DEG C melting liquid zinc, the steel member is attached to the surface of the zinc layer, to achieve the purpose of preservation.
The polishing is divided into electrolytic polishing and electrochemical polishing.. The first stage of the electrochemical polishing process is to make the dissolution product diffuse in the electrolyte, the material surface roughness is decreased, the second stage is the anodic polarization and the surface brightness is improved. The principle and electrochemistry of electrolytic polishing are similar, and this is not the introduction of the.
Said in front of the steel grid plate made of different materials, and surface treatment will be different, in the actual operation must have to choose the most appropriate way to operate, to ensure the anticorrosion performance of the steel grille.