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Steel case spray paint

Author :Aoqing Machinery     Data : 2015-06-02     Views :

Painting as a steel lattice plate of a surface processing method, has the certain corrosion function. Then, the steel grid plate appearance Painting Pretreatment to pay attention to what to ensure painted steel lattice plate using a longer life.
First, spray paint must do the following several assignments:
1, the selection of the steel grid plate;
2, view paint function;
3, sufficient agitate coating;
4, adjust the viscosity of paint;
5, paint purification filter;
6, paint color adjustment;
Then, when spraying should be according to be sprayed steel lattice panels choose suitable coating and appropriate viscosity, according to the varieties of paint, air pressure, the size of the nozzle and spray surface requirement to set.
1, the nozzle caliber is 0.5mm-0.8mm;
2, the supply of spray gun air pressure is usually 0.3-0.6MPa;
3, the nozzle and the steel case of the surface of the example is usually 20-30cm advisable;
4, the direction of spray paint flow should be as far as possible perpendicular to the steel grid plate appearance;
5. The edge of each spray strip should be stacked on the edge of the front (with the stacking 1/3 is good), the movement speed of the lance should be uniform, and can't be slow when the gun is fast..
When our technical personnel can severely in accordance with the above process to make steel grid plate spray paint processing, then can be more large limit to ensure the service life of the product, but also to ensure that the product of the appearance of the beautiful.