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Application prospect of hot galvanized steel plate

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Application prospect of hot galvanized steel plate
The hot galvanized steel grid plate is a kind of anti -, zinc coating which is immersed in the steel grid plate in the molten zinc or zinc alloy and forms a zinc coating on the surface of the steel
Corrosion of the steel grid plate products. Hot dip galvanizing is the most widely, the iron and steel treated with high performance price ratio. Hot dip galvanizing technology
It can be used to prevent the corrosion of steel products, prolong the service life, save energy consumption and have an irreplaceable role, hot galvanized steel is also
Economical society development direction.
Hot dip galvanized corrosion resistance sources to zinc standard electrode potential lost to the standard electrode potential of iron, so in water or moist air in the sacrificial zinc anode
The protection of steel base, the maximum increase the service life of steel products. Hot dip galvanized, electric galvanized, hot spraying galvanized, mechanical galvanized is
The type of galvanized iron used in modern industry, and the hot dip galvanizing is about eighty percent of the total..
In recent years, the development of domestic economy, a large number of projects continue to mount, environmental protection projects, coal gas, desulfurization denitrification, marine engineering,
Ship manufacturing, steel industry, and so on, created a large number of steel grid application, but also to the production of steel grid plate brought a good development
The machine should seize the opportunity to quickly and strong.