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Welding precautions for steel grid plate

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Welding precautions for steel grid plate:
In 1, at each intersection of load flat steel and rail, through welding, riveting or pressure lock will be fixed.
2. The welding of the steel grid will give priority to the use of the pressure resistance welding and arc welding.
3, the steel grid plate pressure lock can be used to press the cross bar is pressed into the fixed flat load.
4, the steel grid plate should be based on the need of the user, the shape of various sizes.
Distance between the 5, flat steel bar spacing and load can be determined by the supply and demand according to the design requirements. As an industrial platform, flat load recommended spacing shall not be greater than 40mm, bar spacing shall not be greater than 165mm.
In the end of the load should be used with flat steel, flat steel edging load with the specifications of the flat steel. In the use of special occasions, use steel or directly with the retaining plate edge hemming, but the cross-sectional area of the board edge not cross-sectional area is less than the load of the flats. Wrapping with one side welding of high thickness not less than the load of flat fillet weld, the weld length of not less than 4 times the thickness of the flat load. In the edge wrapping plate is not under load conditions, allowed a 4 flat welding load, but the spacing shall not be greater than 150mm. In wrapping plates subjected to loads, and must not allow interval welding, full welding. Stair treads the end edge of one side welding plate must be full of. With the load to the same flat plate edge, and each must be welded rails. Steel plate in the incision, open hole is equal to or greater than 180mm, should be the edge processing. If the front edge stair step plate plate, must through the whole time. The load of flat steel grid plate, the plane type I flat steel, flat steel or longitudinal shearing strip. The load of flat steel grid plate, a tooth type, in order to increase the steel grid plate slip force, tooth size as shown in figure 2. Within each 100mm can not be less than 5 teeth. The minimum width of the steel grid plate on the tooth type size platform shall not be less than 300mm.
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