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Steel Grating How to Install

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Grating with high strength, appearance, reduce investment, easy installation and so on. Is a reasonable and economical, but also to meet the requirements to save steel grid plate products, in all walks of life have been widely used. Here's to ensure the safety and quality of the premise, combined with the actual situation, taking into account the construction schedule and construction is convenient to talk about the steel grating installation technical requirements and considerations.

1) According to the structure construction sequence and the actual situation may be steel grating according to layout diagram No. transportation to the site.

2) steel grating during installation should pay attention, if steel grating once set aside in the beam, the gap should be adjusted and fixed immediately in order to avoid the displacement of steel grating, causing accidents.

3) Steel Grating position must elevation drawings, number laying. Condemnation, accurate positioning.

4) Steel Grating installation space is usually 10mm. Position steel grid plates and edges

Installation Notes

1, steel grid panel installation process in strict accordance with the design specifications for installation, after laying should be fixed immediately, may not wait until the next day, making a connection construction, in order to prevent the stampede fall accidents.

2. After each layer or a unit grid laid, should be to set aside hole, hole, mouth closed temporarily, if necessary, should be laid beneath the hanging safety nets, the use of cover should be fixed to prevent slippage. Larger diameter hole in the erection of scaffolding around should be maintained, and set up warning signs to prevent a fall.

3, should be installed platform railings, handrails installed in accordance with design requirements in place, be safe, and reliable.

4, the lifeline must be set in accordance with the requirements to participate in the installation of steel grating must send the correct hanging belts.