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Steel grating welding rapid method introduced

Author :Aoqing Machinery     Data : 2015-05-31     Views :

Steel grating is within a certain distance of twisted Vincent Fang will be pressed into the flat side of the force, resulting in solid solder joint, plate-like, rectangular grating surface. Steel Grating fixation mainly welding and mounting clip clinching. Welding steel grating advantage is permanently fixed, not loosen, the specific location on each corner of grating first root flat, weld length is not less than 20mm, height not less than 3mm of fillet welds. Following is a Notice welded steel grating:
     1, in the flat steel and bars at every intersection, should by welding, riveting or press the lock to secure it.
     2, Steel Grating Welding precedence pressure resistance welding, arc welding can also be used.
     3, Steel Grating pressure lock can be pressed into the press will load flat steel rail will be fixed.
     4, grid plate should be based on the user's needs, processed into the shape of various sizes.
     5, the pitch spacing and flat steel supply and demand side rail may be determined in accordance with design requirements. For industrial platform, the proposed flat load shall be spaced not more than 40mm, bar spacing no larger than 165mm.

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