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Steel grating product acceptance criteria

Author :Aoqing Machinery     Data : 2015-05-31     Views :

      Users should check the quality of goods received certificates of steel grating products packing slips, products (sheet). General steel grating manufacturer shipments are provided, which are the basis of product acceptance.
      Regular steel grating manufacturers of steel grating, galvanized steel grating, steel grating plug, trench cover, treads and other products, the steel material in the book indicate product contract steel grating products used in the steel grid board specifications, surface treatment methods as well as the appearance and quality of performance test results, the purpose of the reference index as a quality steel grating this product so that users check check. Steel grating product surface is smooth welding firm, whether deformed during transport.
      Green Machinery Co., Ltd. Qingdao proud of steel grating products in the international technology based on the continuous exploration and innovation, strive to higher quality products, superior price, better service, and constantly enrich the product line to meet each customer It needs.